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Applicants & Registrants

CANADEM is the only organization to bring you the full range of international opportunities and rapid deployments. Employers such as UN agencies, multilateral organizations, national governments, NGOs, and private businesses from around the world use CANADEM to post jobs and find qualified staff.

Benefits of registering:

  • Receive a personalized e-mail every time an organization seeks someone with your skill set

  • Be considered for positions closed to the general public

  • Receive institutional support for job applications from CANADEM’s extensive experience

  • Be eligible for training workshops with UN departments and partner agencies (i.e. Procap)

  • Gain access to job opportunities only available for CANADEM registrants

Ideal Candidates:

  • Possess at least 5 years of work experience in their field of expertise

  • Have UN language skills: English and ideally a second language

  • Experience working or volunteering with NGOs, government, multinational or UN agencies

  • Ability to think quickly, adapt to new situations, and able to live and work in difficult environments

  • Cultural and gender sensitivity, and demonstrated exceptional inter-personal skills

Resume/CV Guidelines

Learn how to build an effective resume for UN and other international job applications.

How to build an effective Police resume to increase chances of selection for job applications.

UN Resources

Also known as a “Personal History Form,” this is a comprehensive and standardized job application for UN positions.

Required course for UN field work and for CANADEM RAP-Fund secondments. After completion, please save your certificate as a PDF. file. You will be required to submit it to CANADEM for various positions and all RAP Fund secondments.

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