Humanitarian Response at CANADEM

CANADEM quickly deploys experts to support UN agencies’ personnel needs during rapid-onset humanitarian emergencies and disasters and for protracted crises within the Stand-by Partnership Program. Our experts, serving with Humanitarian Cluster Leads*, improve the delivery of relief efforts in areas such as shelter, gender, child protection, nutrition, security, logistics, etc. to successfully contribute to the well-being of local and displaced vulnerable groups.

CANADEM ‘s experts can deploy in 48-72 hours, providing immediate expertise through their many years of experience. Our experts have proven time and again that they can hit the ground running and make that crucial contribution under challenging circumstances.

CANADEM has become an integral UN Stand-by Partner, and holds memorandums of understanding with various UN and international organizations such as UNICEF, UNHCR, OCHA, WFP, FAO, UNESCO, WHO, PAHO, IOM and UNDP to provide staffing relief in times of sudden, urgent needs.

*In 2005, the Inter-Agency Standing Committee established Cluster Leads to coordinate the international community’s response to humanitarian emergencies into 10 specific sectors (or “clusters”): water and sanitation, nutrition, protection, shelter, camp coordination and management, early recovery, agriculture, education, logistics, emergency telecoms.

For more information on the UN Clusters, have a look at the ICRC’s instructive video:

The UN Cluster Approach


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