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CANADEM Evaluated

Over 25 years and 150 projects, CANADEM has had over 120 financial audits and tens of operational evaluations. Below are a couple of the more salient operational evaluations to give you a sense of what others say about us:

CANADEM is the largest most effective roster… Its success is attributed to its large and diverse roster… Its pro-active approach to responding to DPKO needs, and its competitive and rapid screening techniques.

– UN DPKO Lessons Learned Study: Rosters for the Deployment of Civilian Experts in Peace Operations; by Catriona Gourlay February 2006

Done for the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) it was the first exhaustive analysis of rostering for UN operations.  It reflected a strong understanding of rostering dynamics and the utility of CANADEM’s approach.

It was the first evaluation that evaluated CANADEM against other roster worldwide.  We thought that we were breaking new ground, and this study confirmed that we were succeeding and heading in the right direction.

At the time CANADEM had only 8,000 on the roster and mostly Canadian.  Now with 25,841 and half of them non-Canadians, our utility is even greater.  Hopefully the UN does a follow-up study to this one!


Done for CIDA, it was triggered by the substantial funding received by CANADEM from DFAIT and CIDA.

The operational findings were positive, e.g. “CANADEM receives high marks for its efficiency” and “keeps its indirect cost low”.

But we received strategic low marks because 90% of our funding was from DFAIT/CIDA under a PM Harper government that had little interest in us helping the UN, and did not want to support Canadian NGOs. This galvanized us, and four years later over 50% of our funding was from international sources such as the UK Aid and UN agencies.

Summative Program Evaluation Of DFATD’s Multilateral Elections Observation Program (MEOP) 2008-2013 Final Report by Plan: Net Limited March 20, 2014.

Regarding CANADEM, all major stakeholders (partner organizations [OSCE, OAS, COMSEC, EU, Carter Center, UNDP], individual observers, and DFATD (development managers) who had worked with or through the organization spoke very highly of its ability to enable Canada’s participation in electoral missions, noting that both CANADEM and its staff were professional, effective and efficient in their roles, and that they leveraged technology effectively (through the organization’s database of Canadian election observers) to identify appropriate candidates for EOM participation. Furthermore, multilateral partners, individual observers, and DFATD personnel commented on the level of professionalism displayed by CANADEM…

- Page 15

  • The focus was on five organizations – COMSEC, EU, OSCE, OAS, and CANADEM, who were responsible for the lion’s share of MEOP program activities.

  • These excerpts are merely some of the strong reviews received by CANADEM

…CANADEM’s performance has been exemplary in acting as a service organization to operationalize Canadian election observers for both multilateral and bilateral missions.

- Page 55

  • Note that the reference to operationalizing bilateral missions refers to CANADEM’s five election observation missions including Mission Canada Ukraine 2012 where the three month EOM we mounted had 422 observers and 438 local staff.

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