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Managing Director

Pantiwa Naksomboon holds an M.A. in Public and International Affairs from University of Ottawa and a B.A. from Thammasat University. She joins CANADEM in 2014. She started off in the roster department where she recruited hundreds of experts and has extensive experience in managing CANADEM's growing roster. These posts span the globe from Asia, Europe and across Africa

Deputy Director

Zoe Dugal holds a Master degree in Political Science from McGill University. She started her career in Sierra Leone for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission from 2002 to 2004, an independent organization investigating violations of human rights committed during the conflict in that country.

She has then worked on community disarmament for UNDP in Sierra Leone from 2004 to 2006. Zoe then worked as a Project Manager for the Pearson Peacekeeping Center from 2007 to 2011. In this position, she managed a capacity development project for police services in ten African countries to support them in their participation in UN and African Union peacekeeping operations, in collaboration with African multilateral organizations. From 2007 to 2011,  Zoe was an Advisor for GIZ, the German development agency, in Kenya where she worked with several government institutions, including the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission and the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights. Zoe managed a project to build the capacity of the Afghan National Police in the area of children’s rights for the International Bureau for Children’s Rights in collaboration with UNICEF in 2015-2016.

Deployment Director

Janice Fu joined CANADEM in 2016. She holds a Master of Arts in Public and International Affairs Specialization in Humanitarian Assistance from Carleton University and an Honours Bachelor of Social Science in International Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa. While completing her Bachelor’s degree, Janice was a leader in spearheading the largest student run international development conference in Canada. Prior to joining CANADEM, she worked at numerous departments within the Government of Canada. She has also previously conducted field research on occupational health and safety of the garment industry in Bangladesh. 

Roster Coordinator

Ben James joined the CANADEM roster team in 2016. He holds a PhD (ABD) and MA in political science from Carleton University and an Honours Bachelors in political science and philosophy from Nipissing University. Ben is responsible for managing the CANADEM roster. Along with his work on the roster team, Ben hosted a political talk radio show, The Filibuster, on CKCU FM for a decade starting in 2013.

Senior Programme Officer
Duty of Care Manager

Andrea Banks-Demuth joined CANADEM in 2021 as an Operations Officer. She holds a Honours Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and English from Carleton University. Prior to joining CANADEM Andrea worked closely with the operations team to coordinate travel for deployments.  

Finance Coordinator

As CANADEM’s  Finance Coordinator, Fiona Kaminski is responsible for the financial/administrative side of a project deployment— from budgeting, invoicing and reconciliations, to maintaining the organizational integrity of the Finance Department as part of CANADEM’s dedication to transparency and accountability. Prior to coming to CANADEM, she assisted with the 2010 and 2012 Ukraine Election Observation Missions in a surge personnel capacity. She holds an Honours Bachelor Degree of Social Science with a Major in Anthropology and a Minor in Religious Studies. She has benefited from the cultural insight gleaned from her academic work and uses its lens to approach each of CANADEM’s unique Roster deployments. Due to extensive travel abroad she has gained a wide experience with foreign currencies and an understanding of the specific financial challenges facing CANADEM’s experts overseas.

Senior Finance Officer

Adrienne Buller started working as a Finance Officer with CANADEM in December of 2018. She is responsible for the day-to-day finance activities: invoicing, purchase orders, and general office administration. Her Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Accounting from the University of Ottawa provides her with the financial foundation to assist the organization following appropriate accounting principles and standards.


Prior to joining CANADEM, she worked for an international BPO and helped launch programs in their Mumbai, India and Makati, Philippines sites, as well as working with clients and employees across Canada and the United States. Her experiences emphasize the importance of organization at all levels, and the benefits having a full multicultural and global viewpoint when conducting business.

Philippe mugshot_edited.jpg
Finance Officer

Philippe Leroux joined CANADEM in 2023 as a Finance Officer. He holds a Master’s Degree in International Affairs (International Development Policy & Data Science) from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs; an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University; and a Bachelor of History from Université de Montréal. Prior to joining CANADEM Philippe has accomplished varied financial roles in Canada, and had a hand in grassroots projects abroad.


Philippe’s motto is “I care for people”. Being part of CANADEM is a purposeful way to support international humanitarian organizations and the individuals who act on their behalf. Every task reminds him of the communities that need support from other communities across the globe; and every day is underlined by the fact that this is, in effect, caring for people.

Maggie Picture.jpg
Finance Officer

Maggie Moores-Rodgerson joined CANADEM in 2023 as a Finance Officer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Dalhousie University, with a double major in Psychology and International Development and a minor in Indigenous Studies. Before joining the team at CANADEM she was a part of the government organization that manages wildfires in British Columbia, primarily with responsibilities in finance and administration of the aviation program, while also gaining valuable emergency response experience through aviation operations deployments.

Tylyn Davis Headshot.jpeg
Deployment Programme Officer

Tylyn Davis joined CANADEM in 2024 as a Deployment Officer. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and Public Policy from the University of Guelph. Before joining CANADEM, her interest in serving the public led her to her previous position in information management for the municipal government. Tylyn's experience with operational efficiency and her passion for supporting global initiatives are what now motivate her in her current role.

Ukraine Recovery Programme Manager

Oksana Zubriy moved to Ottawa and joined CANADEM’s headquarter staff in 2022. Previously, starting in 2010, Oksana was repeatedly CANADEM’s Locally Engaged Personnel and Logistics Manager for seven Canadian Election Observation Missions in Ukraine. Missions ranged from 150 to 500 observers. Oksana had overall responsibility for recruiting and managing up to 400 local staff country-wide, and managing mission finances, logistics, local procurement, and all administrative issues. She has over 20 years of experience in project management, logistics coordination, administration and cash management.


In partnership with international and national organizations in Ukraine she implemented various humanitarian country-wide projects: “Canadian Ambulances for Ukraine”, “COVID-19 Children`s Relief”, “Dental Missions for Children in Orphanages”, “Health of Rural Women”, “Ukrainian Trauma Life Support”, and more. She worked for the Ukrainian World Congress and UkraineInvest, the Ukraine government investment promotion agency in the Office of the Prime-Minister. Prior to moving to Ottawa, she was the National Consultant of the Lumos Foundation (UK) supporting the Ukrainian government deinstitutionalization reform of the child-care (orphanages) system. She was involved in planning and implementation at the national and regional levels and collaborated with the President’s Office, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Policy, Ministry of Health, Regional Administrations, and national and international NGOs. Oksana holds a Masters in Economics and Marketing and has further credentials in Project Management and Commerce. 

Duty of Care Advisor and Counselor

Randy Weekes has been working in the fields of international development, conflict management and capacity building for more than 40 years. He has worked in education and rural development in Asia, multi-sector program management in Africa and in conflict areas including Kosovo, Bosnia and most recently Afghanistan. He has designed and delivered training programs for hundreds of groups in Canada and around the world. His clients have included military, police, diplomats, universities, businesses and NGOs.

Having experienced many of the challenges that come with international work in higher stress international environments himself, Randy supports CANADEM in ensuring that it and other agencies fulfill their Duty of Care to personnel sent abroad. Randy has a Masters of Science in International Psychosocial Consultation (U.E.L.) as well as Certificates in Adult Education (St.F.X.U.) and Financial Planning (C.I.F.P.) and a BA in Political Science (Queen’s U.).

IMG_5650 (2).JPG
Duty of Care Counselor

Mira Dodig is a Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience providing comprehensive mental health care including crisis and critical incident management, individual psychotherapy as well as creative group and community programming. She has widespread experience in the humanitarian sector, working internationally with Médecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children and other organizations, delivering culturally appropriate mental health and psychosocial services for refugee populations, survivors of conflict, and gender-based violence. In Canada, Mira has worked extensively in the community mental health sector. She is passionate about social justice and health equity and has continued to work locally with refugee/newcomer populations and survivors of violence and trauma. Over the years, Mira has also been committed to providing supportive services to strengthen the mental health and resilience of frontline healthcare staff and aid workers. Mira currently works as a Duty of Care Specialist and maintains a private practice in Toronto.

Linked in profile picture.jpg
Duty of Care Counselor

Rima Makki joined CANADEM as a duty of care specialist in February 2021. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the Lebanese University. Rima started her journey with the International Humanitarian Organizations in 2011 when she joined Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) / Doctors Without Borders as a Clinical Psychologist to work in the field. She also has a broad experience in the management of mental health programs with MSF and in staff care with the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Furthermore, Rima worked for more than 10 years in her private clinic as a Clinical Psychologist before she moved to Canada. She has particular interest in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and in health Psychology. 

jdonald crop.jpg
Duty of Care Counselor

Juliet Donald is clinical psychologist from Sydney, Australia. She completed her Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral degrees at the University of Sydney. Juliet joined the humanitarian sector as a field based psychological coordinator with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) / Doctors Without Borders. Juliet has worked for MSF in a number of different capacities over the past 10 years both domestically in Canada and internationally. She has a special interest in the mental health and well-being of aid workers, and incorporates this focus in her private psychology practice and as the manager for the Psychosocial care unit with MSF Canada. Juliet is delighted to have joined the CANADEM team as Duty of Care specialist

serhiy perepiatenko - it specialist-web-2.jpg
IT Specialist

Serhiy Perepiatenko joined CANADEM in 2007 as an IT Specialist. He now provides remote IT consultation to CANADEM. Serhiy holds a Radio equipment builder College diploma from city of Dnipro, Ukraine.

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