Executive Director

Paul founded CANADEM in 1996, and has been working in the international community for over 30 years. In a 1995-1996 study of UN field operations for Canadian Foreign Affairs, he recommended the creation of CANADEM. The Canadian government asked him to action that direct recruitment support for the UN by setting up CANADEM as an independent NGO. Apart from a leave of absence to be the UN OHCHR Representative in Jakarta, he has headed CANADEM ever since.

Prior to CANADEM he had worked in the international community for several decades. Most of his international service was in international human rights, dealing with the politics of advancing rights. With an LL.B. and LL.M. in international human rights law, Paul worked in a variety of missions and countries including Rwanda, Kosovo, Croatia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Indonesia and Afghanistan. He has been staff with NGOs such as Amnesty International, as well as on staff with the Canadian Government, the UN and the Commonwealth Secretariat. He was a consultant for an even larger grouping including the OSCE, EU and NATO. Paul’s last diplomatic post was as Representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Indonesia, and for four years he was the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Head of Human Rights in London UK.

A former Canadian Armoured Corps officer and Royal Military College graduate, he has and continues to do civ-mil work with various militaries including the Canadian Forces (Staff College, Peace Support Training Center); NATO civil-military training, doctrine and concept development; UK Staff College; and the US Naval War College. He and his wife Marilyn have one son, Mike.

Deputy Executive Director

Dusan joined CANADEM in 2007 and is currently responsible for managing the recruitment, screening selection and deployment of field experts to posts all over the world. He specializes in program management and the coordination of crisis response deployments with United Nations and international NGO field missions. He worked with UNDP in their Crisis Response Unit in 2015 and 2017 as an evaluation and process management expert developing tools and procedures for immediate crisis response. He assisted UNFPA and UNOPS in creating and updating their rosters, developed procedures for deployment and recruitment, and organized training of  staff.  Considered CANADEM’s roster expert, he has helped drive innovative ways to lower costs and manage effectively the current roster of over 47,000. On occasion, he has deployed with CANADEM missions managing a large staff, e.g., 2019 and 2012 bilateral observation missions to Ukraine, that had some hundreds of observers.

He holds a BA in Economics, a BA in International Relations, an MA in European and Russian Studies, a Graduate Diploma in European Integration Studies and has completed his PhD coursework in Political Science at Carleton University.

Finance Director

Rose Cohoe, as CANADEM’s Finance Director since May 2002, has successfully managed CANADEM’s financial expansion as we have grown from 3 projects in 2002 to over 20 projects in 2015 with a value of over $10 million. In addition to her CANADEM service, she has over 20 years of business experience in a variety of private industries.

Rose enjoys the fast paced environment of CANADEM and looks forward to new challenges that being CANADEM’s Director of Finance brings. Rose holds a Bachelor of General Studies from Athabasca University with an applied in Business and Administration.

Director of Duty of Care

Randy has been working in the fields of international development, conflict management and capacity building for more than 40 years. He has worked in education and rural development in Asia, multi-sector program management in Africa and in conflict areas including Kosovo, Bosnia and most recently Afghanistan. He has designed and delivered training programs for hundreds of groups in Canada and around the world. His clients have included military, police, diplomats, universities, businesses and NGOs.

Having experienced many of the challenges that come with international work in higher stress international environments himself, Randy supports CANADEM in ensuring that it and other agencies fulfill their Duty of Care to personnel sent abroad. Randy has a Masters of Science in International Psychosocial Consultation (U.E.L.) as well as Certificates in Adult Education (St.F.X.U.) and Financial Planning (C.I.F.P.) and a BA in Political Science (Queen’s U.).

Deputy Director

Zoe Dugal holds a Master degree in Political Science from McGill University. She started her career in Sierra Leone for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission from 2002 to 2004, an independent organization investigating violations of human rights committed during the conflict in that country.

She has then worked on community disarmament for UNDP in Sierra Leone from 2004 to 2006. Zoe then worked as a Project Manager for the Pearson Peacekeeping Center from 2007 to 2011. In this position, she managed a capacity development project for police services in ten African countries to support them in their participation in UN and African Union peacekeeping operations, in collaboration with African multilateral organizations. From 2007 to 2011,  Zoe was an Advisor for GIZ, the German development agency, in Kenya where she worked with several government institutions, including the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission and the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights. Zoe managed a project to build the capacity of the Afghan National Police in the area of children’s rights for the International Bureau for Children’s Rights in collaboration with UNICEF in 2015-2016.

Senior Finance Officer

As CANADEM’s  Senior Finance Officer, Fiona Kaminski is responsible for the financial/administrative side of a project deployment— from budgeting, invoicing and reconciliations, to maintaining the organizational integrity of the Finance Department as part of CANADEM’s dedication to transparency and accountability. Prior to coming to CANADEM, she assisted with the 2010 and 2012 Ukraine Election Observation Missions in a surge personnel capacity. She holds an Honours Bachelor Degree of Social Science with a Major in Anthropology and a Minor in Religious Studies. She has benefited from the cultural insight gleaned from her academic work and uses its lens to approach each of CANADEM’s unique Roster deployments. Due to extensive travel abroad she has gained a wide experience with foreign currencies and an understanding of the specific financial challenges facing CANADEM’s experts overseas.

Senior Roster Officer

Pantiwa is a Roster Officer and holds an M.A. in Public and International Affairs from University of Ottawa, a B.A. in British and American Studies from Thammasat University, and and a post-graduate certificate in Event Management from Algonquin College. Her work consists of matching qualified and available Experts to positions and missions with the United Nations and other international organizations. These posts span the globe from Philippines to Syria and across Africa. Pantiwa also coordinates the deployment of those Experts to the field upon selection.

Senior Operations Officer

Kristen joined CANADEM in 2014 as a Senior Operations Officer with the Humanitarian Response Team. She holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Ottawa in Public and International Affairs and B.A. in International Studies from Glendon College-York University. She has hands-on experience in the field of peace and reconciliation working in Northern Ireland, the Middle East, and marginalized communities in the UK. She also gained international experience through an internship as a political affairs officer at the Canadian Embassy.

Roster Officer

Ben joined the CANADEM roster team in 2016. He holds a PhD (ABD) and MA in political science from Carleton University and an Honours Bachelors in political science and philosophy from Nipissing University. Ben works to enhance the CANADEM roster by administering training opportunities and performing maintenance on the database. Along with his work on the roster team, Ben has been hosting a political talk radio show, The Filibuster, on CKCU FM since 2013.

Operations Officer

Janice joined CANADEM in 2016. She holds a Master of Arts in Public and International Affairs Specialization in Humanitarian Assistance from Carleton University and an Honours Bachelor of Social Science in International Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa. While completing her Bachelor’s degree, Janice was a leader in spearheading the largest student run international development conference in Canada. Prior to joining CANADEM, she worked at Global Affairs Canada assisting in maintaining bilateral relations through the Southeast Asia and Oceania Relations division. Janice has also held numerous positions at Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada working under various branches such as the Treaties and Aboriginal Government and the Chief Financial Officer. She has also previously conducted field research on occupational health and safety of the garment industry in Bangladesh. 

Operations Officer

Nick joined the CANADEM Deployments team in 2018. He holds a Master’s degree in History, with a focus on the role of NGOs in international relations and development. Nick acts as a point of contact for deployed consultants before, during, and after their missions abroad while offering administrative support.

Operations Officer

Stewart started working as an Operations Officer at CANADEM in 2018. Stewart holds an M.Phil degree in International Peace Studies from Trinity College Dublin with a focus on Post-Cold War Peacekeeping Operations and a Bachelor of Arts Honours in History from the University of Regina.


In between his M.Phil degree and Bachelors of Arts degree, Stewart worked as Community Outreach Coordinator Southeast Saskatchewan for the Canadian Red Cross in their Disaster Management sector. Stewart successfully helped lead Red Cross disaster response efforts for 4 major disasters, including the Fort McMurray Wildfires of 2016 and the B.C. Wildfires of 2017. Other work experience includes working with the Ministry of Social Services Saskatchewan and Regina Housing Authority. Stewart also served with the Royal Regina Rifles Infantry Reserves for two years while completing his studies at the University of Regina.

Finance Officer

Adrienne started working as a Finance Officer with CANADEM in December of 2018. She is responsible for the day-to-day finance activities: invoicing, purchase orders, and general office administration. Her Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Accounting from the University of Ottawa provides her with the financial foundation to assist the organization following appropriate accounting principles and standards.


Prior to joining CANADEM, she worked for an international BPO and helped launch programs in their Mumbai, India and Makati, Philippines sites, as well as working with clients and employees across Canada and the United States. Her experiences emphasize the importance of organization at all levels, and the benefits having a full multicultural and global viewpoint when conducting business.

Duty of Care Specialist

Juliet is clinical psychologist from Sydney, Australia. She completed her Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral degrees at the University of Sydney. Juliet joined the humanitarian sector as a field based psychological coordinator with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) / Doctors Without Borders. Juliet has worked for MSF in a number of different capacities over the past 10 years both domestically in Canada and internationally. She has a special interest in the mental health and well-being of aid workers, and incorporates this focus in her private psychology practice and as the manager for the Psychosocial care unit with MSF Canada. Juliet is delighted to have joined the Canadem team as Duty of Care specialist