Established in 1996, CANADEM is a non-profit agency dedicated to advancing international peace and security through the rostering, rapid mobilization, and mission management of experts committed to international service.

CANADEM maintains a roster of 25,165 experienced multi-national experts. Our end-users include the United Nations, and other inter-governmental organizations, various governments, and non-governmental entities of all kinds.

Our operations range from individual recruitments and deployments, to complex program-management and mission-management including election observation, humanitarian assistance, and governance capacity-building.

CANADEM's Roster of Experts is the only roster worldwide whose primary mandate is to assist United Nations recruitment.

OUR FOCUS: matching mid-career and senior specialists to field positions around the world. CANADEM possesses the flexibility required to adjust to partners' requirements: from advanced screening and the deployment of candidates, to implementing and managing international development projects.  

As a rapid response mechanism,
we can forward screened candidates within 24-48 hours, with most experts able to deploy within 3-7 days.

Since 1996, CANADEM has recommended over 15,000 experts for some 7,500 positions. Of these, 60% have been short-listed by agencies for their international positions.


"CANADEM is the most effective roster mechanism in terms of uptake of its members by DPKO...CANADEM's attentiveness to UN vacancy announcements and...screening procedures mean that it can respond rapidly and is adept at matching UN job descriptions and grades with profiles in its roster..."

UNDPKO evaluation of rosters for the deployment of civilian experts in peace operations

Paul Larose-Edwards provided a presentation on CANADEM to the members of the Committee.

CANADEM is a British and Canadian Stand-by Partner to United Nations agencies during rapid-onset humanitarian emergencies and disasters

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As a standby partner to the United Nations, CANADEM is responding to rapid Humanitarian Relief Efforts such as the Ebola outbreak in west Africa, ISIS (ISIL) in Iraq, as well as to the ongoing conflicts in Syria and South Sudan.

Alongside these rapid-onset emergencies, we also support humanitarian efforts in protracted crises in areas such as Ukraine, Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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CANADEM will continue to work with our UN and international Partners to respond to these crises through the generous contributions from Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD) and the UK's Department for International Development (DFID).


CANADEM comprises 3 primary divisions:


Roster - Matching Experts with International Vacancies

The Roster Division recruits, screens, and matches civilian experts with position vacancies in the areas of peacebuilding, development and civil reconstruction. To do this, we maintain a database of over 20,000 experts and specialists in areas including:

altHuman Rights
altWater & Sanitation
altDemocratization altSecurity and Policing altHumanitarian Aid
altElection Observation
altRule of law altAdmin-logistics

The Roster Team screens experts to a short-list standard, confirming technical skills and critically-important interpersonal skills and personal capacity to determine individual abilities to work effectively in the field.

Looking for experts? CANADEM experts have 8-25 years specialized experience. Over 50% of our experts are bilingual (French-English), and over 70% speak other languages.

Benefits of Registering: We register you for free, and your expertise will be brought to the attention of international recruiters. You will be contacted whenever an organization seeks someone with your skill-set, including positions closed to the general public. You decide if you want your resume sent to the requesting agency.

Deployments and in-field support


Our Deployment Division specializes in emergency and surge capacity rapid deployment to get expertise where it is needed — FAST!

altDeploy civilian experts all over the globe.

altManage all contractual arrangements, travel requirements, medical clearances, etc.

altProvide in-field support including accommodation, equipment, ongoing liaison with experts and stakeholders, and ongoing strategic reports to end users.

International Field Experience Program

Get Experience! If you want an international career, then this is your first stop. Whether you are a mid-career professional changing course, or have just graduated, CANADEM's International Field Experience Programme can show you the way.

You tell us what your geographic and sectoral interest is and we will position you there. If you can fund your way, we can provide you with the training, and hands-on, in-country experience you need to launch your international career. Additionally, CANADEM provides information - direct from the field - you need to know to steer in the right direction.