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Emergency in Ukraine
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CANADEM assists United Nations humanitarian work worldwide via the Standby Partnership Network


Through funding generously provided by Global Affairs Canada via its RAP Fund, UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office and the UN, we are recruiting experts for the humanitarian response to Ukraine.

To see our current vacancies for our Ukraine response:
To read about CANADEM's Ukraine deployments:

Established in 1996 with Canadian Government start-up funding, CANADEM is an international not-for-profit NGO dedicated to advancing international peace and security through the rostering, rapid mobilization, and mission management of experts committed to International Service with the UN, other IGOs, NGOs, and governments.

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Read CANADEM's 2022 Annual Report

The Roster Division recruits, screens, and matches civilian experts with position vacancies in the areas of peacebuilding, humanitarian relief and development. 

The CANADEM Roster provides a variety of services to end users with the following advantages:

  • One of the largest rosters available to UN, IOs, NGOs and governments

  • Ensures quality and quantity of available experts

  • Affordable and cost-effective

  • Risk-free for proposed positions

  • Competitive

  • Personalized services

Screened for only the best
Preliminary Screening

Résumés and skills reviewed for relevance for international work.

Advanced Screening

Emphasis on field experience and interpersonal skills (example: resilience, flexibility, initiative, sense of humor) Experts interviewed & work related references consulted.

Mission Specific Screening

Résumés and skills reviewed for relevance for international work.


CANADEM’s Operations Team is dedicated to advancing international peace and security through the rapid mobilization and mission management of individuals committed to international service. We specialize in surge capacity rapid deployments and offer a full service mechanism for getting Experts where they are needed – FAST!

We work in partnership with the Government of Canada, the Government of the United Kingdom, UN agencies, international organizations and national governments to set up deployment projects designed to quickly inject civilian expertise where it is needed. Our services range from simple deployments to project development and mission-management.

Our Operations Team can recruit and deploy our experts within 48-72 hours. Our experts have proven time and again that they are likewise able to rapidly mobilize and hit the ground running to make that crucial contribution under challenging circumstances.

Read stories from some of CANADEM's experts here.


Over our 25 years and 150 projects, CANADEM has had many funders and even more operational partners. We thank our largest funders, the British and Canadian governments, and the United Nations. 

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