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African Union Humanitarian Response Roster


The African Union Humanitarian Response Roster is African, multi-disciplinary roster of experts in humanitarian and development work.

This specialized Roster is currently hosted by CANADEM as the largest screened repository of experts specializing on full range of international expertise in humanitarian and development assistance programs. It is developed to work with existing global, regional and national partners to facilitate the deployment of African leaders, managers and technical experts.

The AU Humanitarian Response Roster serve primarily as an open roster for citizens of African Union member states. In effect it concurrently is a national roster for member states and a roster for African Union agencies, partners and members. It houses wide variety of African experts specializing in humanitarian response and development work. The AU Humanitarian Response Roster is particularly useful for those member states and agencies of AU without a roster, or to supplement their current capabilities. It provides free rostering services for the purposes of humanitarian response, building resilience and knowledge sharing.

Rapid and cost effective deployment of experts to cities is one of the main objectives of this platform. These experts work in support of African Union goal to directly strengthen African expertise and its member states. Deployed experts, can carry out functions such as training, capacity building, and crisis response.

Its membership is broad, in line with the African Union goals. The Roster is standby in character – it includes experts who might be already on assignment and hence unavailable.

Therefore, it is quite large so as to ensure constant availability of candidates in the most critical types of expertise.

Benefits of registering:

  • Receive a personalized e-mail every time African Union seeks someone with your skill set

  • Be considered for positions closed to the general public

  • Receive institutional support for job applications from the African Union

Ideal Candidates:

  • Possess at least 5 years of work experience in their field of expertise

  • Have UN language skills: English and ideally a second language

  • Experience working or volunteering with NGOs, government, multinational or UN agencies

  • Ability to think quickly, adapt to new situations, and able to live and work in difficult environments

  • Cultural and gender sensitivity, and demonstrated exceptional inter-personal skills

Registration is always free and open to applicants of all African Union member states.
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