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Biography of CANADEM's Associate in Central African Republic

Between January and June 2016, three experts have been deployed in Central African Republic by CANADEM. Ernest-Moise MUSHEKURU is one of CANADEM’s associates working in CAR as a Food Security Cluster Coordinator. Ernest was deployed to WFP since March 2016 to support the Food Security Lead Agencies (WFP and FAO) to provide leadership and maintain the appropriate humanitarian coordination mechanisms in the area of Food Security at country level.

Ernest’s work consists of managing on behalf of the co-lead agencies, the WFP and FAO, the collection and documentation of data regarding the food security situation. His work is done to ensure a timely, coherent and effective food security response by mobilizing stakeholders to respond in a strategic manner to the humanitarian crisis.

Prior to his deployment with CANADEM, Ernest worked in CAR for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), as well as the Danish Refugee Council (DRC). His knowledge of the context and his network in the humanitarian community in CAR, has contributed and facilitated his role as Food Security Cluster Coordinator.

In Bangui, Ernest has been able to work with all members of the Food Security Cluster and has been able to initiate meetings between various representatives of the FAO and WFP to discuss food security cluster activities, opportunities and ongoing challenges. In collaboration with all food security cluster members, Ernest has contributed to an improved level of debate within cluster meetings.

“We still have a lot to do in CAR, especially in the area of food security. CAR is one of the most affected countries, with 54% of the population facing food insecurity. A WFP report showed that 0.6 million among them are severely food insecure and more than 450,000 people are displaced.” – Ernest-Moise MUSHEKURU

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